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Biomedical Technologies

Biomedical technology is a broad term that refers to the application of engineering and technology principles to the domain of living or biological systems, with an emphasis on problems related to human health. A specific focus is the design or use of medical equipment to diagnose and treat various diseases or disorders. Within this field, BERG is currently involved in the following activities:

  • Research and developing new and innovative methods to improve neuro-cognitive functioning in patients with mental disorders such as autism, Tourette syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Music and its effect on speech development and concentration as well as neuro-feedback (applying ear canal EEG monitoring) are some of the modalities being investigated.
  • Applying a number of novel monitoring systems e.g. ear canal and intra-vascular, heart rate (heart rate variability), breathing rate, oxygen saturation and pH, are some of the vital parameters being monitored in a number of different applications, such as anesthesia, intensive care, post-operative care, home care, and high risk vocations (such as rock climbing, mining and oil rig operations).
  • Applying machine learning in a number of research fields, e.g. identification of neuro-cognitive disorders, breathing sound abnormalities and ophthalmological disorders such as diabetic retinopathy.