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Biomedical Signal Processing

Research in Biomedical Signal Processing concerns the measurement and analysis of signals and images related to living beings. There is a big emphasis on machine learning and big data in health; and the tools and methods used and developed are at the interface of both engineering and biological science. Biosignals may contain useful information that is used to study and understand several underlying mechanisms of specific biological systems and events. This information can further also be used in medical diagnosis.

The specific research at BERG is interested in the following aspects:

  • Studying biosignals to gain a better understanding of biological mechanisms
  • Using machine learning and other signal processing methods to aid in medical diagnosis
  • Development of innovative biosensors and algorithms
  • The measurement and use of biosignals to control prostheses or other assisting devices
  • The exploration of sensory substitution and sensory augmentation.

For more information contact:

Prof Dawie van den Heever
 Biomedical Engineering Research Group
+27 (0) 21 808 4856

Research Areas: Neural Engineering; Biomedical Signal Processing; Medical Devices